Academy Presentation

Academy Presentation

by MaxWaldorf BMS -
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What is the Falcon Lounge Training Academy?

The idea is simple: having a group of Falcon BMS confirmed pilots to help new comers and pilots in search of better F-16 understanding.

The ultimate goal is to give you enough knowledge to envision a flight with a group of people like the Falcon Lounge discord.

Now you understand the basics of our Falcon BMS training, let us give you more details.

I am learning and want an Instructor's help?

How do I enroll?

Learning Falcon BMS is not easy it requires a lot of dedication to succeed in mission. There are obviously some pre-requisites the student must comply with before enrollment:

  1. The student must have a HOTAS + TrackIR (or equivalent device)
  2. Be over 18 years old
  3. Falcon BMS (last stable version) must be installed and fully configured
  4. Register an account on this website
  5. Enroll on the complete lessons set
  6. Enjoy Online lessons with our instruction team on discord

Once those steps are completed, you can start enjoying videos, documentation and articles to help you progress along your Falcon BMS journey!

PS: Those requirements are for the "Academy" not the "Falcon Lounge" community smile .

What will be requested from the student?

There are some commitments we ask from our students:

  1. Dedicate enough time to your training.
  2. Ask all the question you need through the Discord.
  3. Respect Instructor decision (unless proved otherwise).
  4. Don't request an instructor to do a review flight if you're not ready.
  5. Consider to apply for Instruction once you completed your full training journey smile

Basically, this community can only work if the time we spend with you will be given back from you to other new comers. We obviously don't ask you to be perfect, but in regards with the training you took, there will be something you can teach to new comers.

This last commitment (N°4) is key, this community can't work without it...
Take that into account before you apply!

What will I learn?

Well, to be honest, we won't cover all aspects of a Falcon Pilot's life but we consider that you'll learn enough to be mission efficient...

Check our Falcon BMS "training school program" page and you'll see the content of each and every lesson.

Each lesson on this website will consist of a guideline for you to prepare the theory behind.

Remember: We are here to validate your knowledge and complementing it, but if there is no work from your side, you won't get far...

At the end of each lesson, the instructor will post a debrief on the forums to give you a tracking of your progress, strengths and weaknesses.

What makes my instructor legitimate to teach me?

Well honestly, nothing... We do require from our instructors to go through and validate our training so they understand the structure and requirement behind the lessons and courses.

The only thing we can tell is that instructor will give of his personal time to help you and for free!!! Just for that, that's already enough!

Remember, this is a simulator and a passion. We won't make real fighter pilots out of you... (if we do, then please invite us to fly with you!!!)

I think I have the skills, how do I become an Instructor?

Well, that's easy! contact MaxWaldorf or Ripper through the discord channel and we will evaluate if you are compatible with our training spirit.

If you already went through our Flight School then the Staff will grant you the ability to teach some courses (depending on your level).

Some will think that is a tough selection but we want to stand by our reputation and offer quality to people, we will indeed ask the same of the people joining us!

So, if you think your are interested, then go ahead! You are just one step away from a world of fun and friendship!